5-HTP 100mg. 90 Capsules (Healthlab) 99% Pure.

  • Improves well being and sleep
  • Serotonin replacement
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Studies have shown that use of 5-HTP natural Amino Acid 5-hydroxytryptophan may help to promote the brain chemical Serotonin. Our 5-HTP is extracted from the Griffonia Seed, using a specially developed process that retains as much of the active components of 5-HTP as possible. It is then compressed into an easy-swallow capsule , and each one provides 100mg of 5-HTP in amino acid form. Research shows that taking a 5-HTP supplement may help to maintain a balanced, relaxed outlook – and 5-HTP seems to be most beneficial if taken before bedtime. Some also find 5-HTP is useful within a weight management programme. We have manufactured our 5-HTP in an easy to swallow capsule , which should make it even more pleasant to swallow. BUY DIRECT FROM THE UK’s LEADING SUPPLIER

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