Certified Organic Dried Linden Flower 50g | Loose Leaf Linden Tea Dried Bulgarian Premium Quality Aid Relaxation

  • Certified Organic Loose Linden Flower Top Quality Guarantee!
  • Hair loss treatment: Boil 10 g linden blossom in 200 ml. naturally cloudy cider vinegar. Brew for 15 minutes. Wash your hair and then rinse with the warm brew.
  • Use to make tea, infusion, tincture, ointment or steam inhalation.
  • Store in an airtight container in a dark and dry place.

Organic Linden Flower Loose Leaf 50g

About the Organic Linden
– Organically grown and dried linden flowers. Linden flowers contain a number of natural compounds, or phytochemicals, that are biologically active and responsible for some it properties. Several of its components are antioxidant chemicals called flavonoids, including one called quercetin. Quercetin and other linden components called kaempferol and p-coumaric acid are also diaphoretics, chemicals that cause you to sweat, while some volatile oils in the flowers may have sedative, calming properties. Linden blossom have been used to make a variety of items including herbal teas and a base for perfumes, as well as being known for producing tiny aromatic flowers that attract many bees that in turn produce a wonderful honey. In herbal medicine, linden tea is recommended to combat anxiety and promote relaxation. The ability of some linden compounds to cause sweating may have benefits when you have a cold, cough or fever. Some components of linden flower tea might also help soothe irritated membranes in your mouth or throat that develop during an illness. Linden flower gargle is natural care for throat and oral cavity. Thanks to its calming effect, lime can be applied on irritated skin.
Dried Linden flowers
* Certified organic;

Directions for use:
To make tea, steep a tea bag or about 1 teaspoon of dried flowers in boiling water for 15 to 20 minutes and drink up to three times daily. The tea can used as a mouthwash, soothing face tonic, in face masks or hair dyes to strengthen shades of blond color.

Origin: Bulgaria,


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