Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): A Further Guide To Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – A Practical Guide To CBT For Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, Addictions … Phobias, Alcoholism, Eating disorder)

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Do you feel stuck in a rut, unable to move forward with your life?

Are things not going as you would like them to, no matter how hard you try?

Are you suffering from anxiety or depression?

Do you find yourself repeating the same negative patterns over and over again?

Do you want to be fully in control of your life and emotions again?

Are you struggling with an addiction such as alcoholism or binge eating?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, this book will provide you with the answers you’ve been looking for!

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a scientifically proven technique that helps you to adjust your thinking and behaviors so that you can break out of negative loops and move forward in a much more positive manner. It teaches you how you can adjust your thinking and helps you to differentiate between negative thoughts that are helpful and those that are not.

And it more than just thinking or acting in a positive manner – you will learn that negative thoughts are natural and nothing to be ashamed of. They can be converted into thoughts that can galvanize you into action though.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is not about being in denial – it is not about thinking that you will never have a negative thought again. Instead, it adopts a more realistic approach and gives you the tools to use when those negative thoughts do come into being. You learn not only how to deal with long-held negative beliefs but also how to deal with new ones that might crop up in future.

In this book we will look at:

  • Delving deeper into your feelings and looking at ways to clearly define what those feelings are; how to tell the difference between feelings that are healthy and unhealthy and how to shift the focus so that your feelings become more productive.
  • Identifying what your core beliefs and automatic responses are and determining whether these are helping you or getting in your way. You will learn more about how your core beliefs are formed and how to determine whether or not your core beliefs are valid and helpful for you.
  • How you can reorient your core beliefs so that they assist you in achieving what it is that you want to achieve. Changing your core beliefs can be difficult – these are things that you would normally have started learning as children. They color the way you experience your life, the way you see the world and how you interpret the actions of others. Even when we know, at some level, that these core beliefs are no longer valid, it can be hard to break free of them. In this book, you will learn how to challenge the core beliefs that are getting in your way and how to change them to more helpful beliefs.
  • How you can set goals for yourself when it comes to the changes you want to affect and how to ensure that these goals are as effective as possible.
  • How you can adapt your behavior so that it is more in line with the goals that you want to achieve and assist you in moving forward.
  • How to gradually increase your exposure to situations that you might find difficult, so that you can make lasting changes in the most comfortable way possible.
  • How to maintain the new behaviors and how to prevent a relapse into old, negative behaviors.
  • …and much more!
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