DeFunkMe: The Basix: Six Essentials to Beat Stress, Depression and Anxiety (DeFunkMe – Live a Better Life, Healthy Living, Happiness, Meditation, Mindfulness, Joy)

Medication and conventional treatments didn’t cut it. After contemplating his second suicide attempt, Ian Schell got good help, learned new information, tools and techniques to cope.

Depression is no cake walk. It’s a cruel beast, but it can be beaten. It can be tamed and you can turn your life back from the brink.

Discover the four poisoning beliefs that destroy happiness and their antidotes. Learn to lean into your fears and challenge yourself. Develop new habits to succeed by default. Rediscover your mental toughness. How to quit procrastinating and get moving. Most importantly—find peace of mind.

The best solutions often come from within. You have the choice to sit on the sidelines or get in the game. With this book, you can do it for yourself.

What Others Are Saying…

“… it has had a great impact on me, and I can relate so much better with members of my family who struggle with ups and downs. I love the work you have done, your honesty and respect for the individual’s ability to ‘cope’ with some of life’s traumas. Great read.”
Julie T.

“I started reading it and I cannot stop! It is excellent!”
Jodie S.

“I highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about reversing the damage stress, depression and anxiety have on your mind and body.”
Mary L.

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