Fidget Hand Spinner,Finger Toy,The anti-anxiety 360 spinner,Stress Reducer,High Speed Fidget Finger Toy – Perfect for ADD / ADHD / Anxiety / Autism And Stress Relief Adult Children,Office Desk Gadget (LEDwhite)

  • 6-Modes: Fast Flash Mode-Slow Flash Mode-No Flash Mode. The light glow with 3 colors(red, blue and green)while you spin it. LED Fidget Spinner has button on every shinning part, you can press to change modes and the battery can be replaced when no lighting any more.
  • Advanced Design: This spinner toy is manufactured from high-quality plastic which means better looking, more durable. It is accurately designed spin toy, made of ecological and non-harmful material, even for kids
  • Time and Application: 2minutes spin time.(Note: Spin time varies depending on strength used to spin object.) Bring out your stress whether you are at home, at school, or at the workplace. The 360 Spinner helps you find new perspectives as you put your brain to use, whether studying, brainstorming, researching, etc
  • How to use: Just simply click button on every shining part of spinner to change lighting type or turn it off! Put it in a hand and use your fingers to start or stop spinning. For two-hand usage, take tri-spinner in any hand and use the other hand to spin it fast making short continuous hits to keep it spinning endlessly
  • Advantages: It can really help those who have fidgety hands or suffer from ADD&ADHD to relieve stress and anxiety. Spinner toy will also be helpful for people trying to stop smoking, nail biting or leg shaking.


About the LED light:
Press the button on every shinning part
Press once is fast flashing
Press again is slow flash
Press again, close the LED lights.

The spinner can just shine on single side when rotation. You can just press one button and let others close, or other ways, the spinner can also shine.

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ABS Plastic
Product weight: 26g
Weight with package: 33g
Package size: 3.54*3.54*0.39


1 LED spinner

Lowest Price: £5.99
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