From Stressful To Successful In 4 Easy Steps: Stress at Work? Stress in Relationship? Be Stress Free. End Stress and Anxiety. Excellent Stress Management, Stress Control and Stress Relief Techniques.

From Stressful To Successful In 4 Easy Steps. Take A Healthy View of Stress. Step 1 – Calm The Mind And Body Step 2 – Improve Your Lifestyle Step 3 – Follow A Healthy Diet Step 4 – Provide Nutritional and Herbal Support Stress should not be viewed as a negative phenomenon and the approach should be that it is not the stressor that determines the response; but it is rather the individual’s internal reaction that triggers the response. People have negative and positive coping patterns to overcome stress. Negative stress coping patterns many of which can lead to dependence and addiction that will actually aggravate the condition we are trying to stop or cure include things such as use of drugs, use of alcohol, smoking, overeating etc. Positive stress coping include things such as techniques to calm the mind, time management, maintaining good relationships, exercise, healthy diet etc. Your System Must Be Prepared To Take It Dr. Selye says: “No one can live without experiencing some degree of stress all the time. You may think that only serious disease or intensive physical or mental injury can cause stress. This is false. Crossing a busy intersection, exposure to a draft, or even sheer joy are enough to activate the body’s stress mechanisms to some extent. Stress is not even necessarily bad for you; it is also the spice of life, for any emotion, any activity causes stress. But, of course, your system must be prepared to take it. The same stress which makes one person sick can be an invigorating experience for another!” The most important part of that statement may very well be this: “your system must be prepared to take it.” This book is beneficial for every person in the street, and should be in the hands of all who truly want to address their inner awareness of stress as well as their physical readiness to generate a self-system based on calmness.

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