Guided Meditation CD for Anxiety & Stress Relief, Deep Relaxation, Calm the Mind, Healing

  • Relaxing for the mind guided meditation stress relief
  • Release stress & anxiety, mindfulness
  • Amazing Meditation Tools, deep relaxation calm mind and body
  • Format: MP3 Audio CD
  • Running time: 20:45

With today’s fast pace and the constant demands of work, family and other responsibilities, more people are now showing signs of over anxiety and increased stress. Meditation produces a deep state of relaxation and can instantly soothe, calm and quite the mind. This meditation begins with a simple physical exercise that will help you to ease your body and relax your mind. Using visualisation, you will be guided along a meditative journey where you will clear your mind of all stress and anxiety. Finding sanctuary in a relaxing place you will begin to release stress, feeling completely relaxed and free of all worries. Regular practice of this meditation will help you to manage your stress levels and calm the mind. If you feel tense, anxious or worried due to stress, then this meditation is a useful tool for controlling an anxious mind and helping you to overcome and cope with the stress that may be going on in your life. Brand New. All our CD’s are packaged in recyclable cardboard envelops and not the environmentally unfriendly plastic jewel cases. This is to protect the environment and to keep our cost low and affordable to all. All right reserved © 2015 Natusounds

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