Linden Flower Tea Bagged | 20 Bags Premium Quality Natural Antioxidant Health Promoting Calming Relaxing Aroma Natural Herbal Tea 30g

  • QUALITY GUARANTEE: Top Quality 100% Natural Linden Flower Herbal Tea from the Balkans, No Preservatives, No Additional Substances!
  • Linden flower tea, derived from the species Tilia cordata and Tilia platyphyllos, has been used to treat a variety of ailments including high blood pressure, migraine, digestive complaints, headaches, colds, flu and anxiety.
  • A cup of linden tea has a lot more to offer than its pleasant taste; Free Radical Neutralization, Detoxify the Body, Against Colds and Flu, Anti-Inflammatory.
  • Linden flowers from the Balkans bring you an amazing natural aroma to cheer you up with every cup!
  • 20 tea bags in a box.

Linden Flower Herbal Tea Bagged – 20 Bags
Benefits of Linden Tea
– Linden tea is popular all over the world for its strong pleasant aroma and delicious taste. It is a perfect everyday drink with a calming and fortifying effect.

Country produced in: Bulgaria

Packaging: 50g with 20 sachets without string

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