Live Well + B6 Magnesium Effervescent Tablets N10 Can Help in the Fight Against Muscle Cramps and Aches,chronic Fatigue,stress, Irritability, Anxiety Inner

Live Well Magnesium + B6 ; ingredients can help fight : – Muscle cramps and pain ; – Constant fatigue ; – Stress, irritability , inner anxiety. Magnesium and vitamin B6 combination . Because of its effects on the body of this material is particularly suitable for under stress , active , sports people . In the absence of magnesium , take ride fatigue , muscle pain , muscle cramps, irregular heart and muscle activity of the digestive tract , so it is essential that the body trace element lack neither . Magnesium – is one of the most important trace element for humans . It activates more than 300 enzymes, is an important basic of energy ( protein , carbohydrate , fat) metabolism. Product containing magnesium essential for normal muscle function and bone condition. Magnesium with vitamin B6 helps to reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue, are important for normal nervous system , helps maintain normal psychological state. Vitamin B6 enters nerve cells and helps the body to better absorb magnesium . Vitamin B6 is also important for normal immune system , helps regulate hormonal activity. Live Well Magnesium + B6 dissolvable magnesium tablets are a pleasant lemon taste, quickly dissolves in water , leading to a rapid effect . Containing magnesium perfectly assimilated , safe to use , does not irritate the digestive tract . Directions: 1 tablet dissolved in 200 ml of water.

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