Man flu pill stress ball reliever

  • Pill is made from super squishy material that’s perfect for a good squeeze!
  • Pain free assistance for anxiety and stress relief
  • Not suitable for children under 36 months
  • Dimensions: 8.6 x 4.6 x 2c

The big pill for big boy’s relief When Man Flu strikes, you need to act fast. Whether you’re the man suffering from the dreadful affliction, or the woman having to put up with his incessant moaning, fast acting and effective relief is needed, for everyone’s sake! The Man Flu Pill is a man-sized, squish it, squash this tablet shaped stress reliever, ideal for helping him to get over his latest bout of sickness or for you in dealing with all his bellyaching! The Man Flu Pill helps combat moaning, whimpering, blubbering, attention seeking and over-acting. Our scientists are still busy developing a new & improved version which will reduce his beer belly, restore his hairline and enable him to remember your anniversary; we’ll let you know when it’s ready!

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