PROCIRCLE® Peanut Massage Ball – Perfect for Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Knot Relief, Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue Massage – Double Massage Ball, Double Lacrosse Ball, Stress Ball, Mobility Ball (red)

  • ✮ PERFECT DESIGN FOR MUSCLE RELEASE ✮ – 12.7cm in length and 6.35cm in diameter, weight in 400g.This split peanut shaped massage ball is a perfect design to get to those harder to reach stabilizing muscles that surround your spine and vertebrae without applying pressure on them as you lay on it.
  • ✮ DURABLE MATERIAL GIVE BODY PERFECT SUPPORT ✮ – The mobility ball is made of 100% natural rubber, it is durable for long lasting use. 4 colors have the same density for choice.
  • ✮ FREE CARRY BAG FOR TRAVEL ✮ – This Double Massage Ball comes with a hygienic breathable mesh bag to carry, ideal for sports and travel. You can easily lay down with the massage ball on your neck, back, legs, foot, shoulders etc. at any time. No need to buy a separate bag.
  • ✮ WORKOUT GUIDE INCLUDED ✮ – The tool is comfortable and easy to use according to the instructions. You could complete your entire lower abdominal routine atop this ball and get some amazing release while strengthening your core to stabilize.
  • ✮ LIFETIME WARRANTY ✮ – We fully stand behind our products, if you do not 100% satisfaction, contact us with no hesitation. Our team will definitely fix your problem.

*** – Perfect Massage Ball! – Amazing Muscle Release! ***

Do you suffer from chronic pain or tight muscles in neck, back, spine,legs, foot and shoulder?
– This is an effective replacement for the home-made tennis balls-inside-of-a-sock tool that so many people use for self-massage relief.
– It is easier to use for a lot of things than individual balls as it doesn’t squirm around and has less tendancy to roll away on you.
– This tool straddles your spine perfectly so you can roll it right down the center of your spine and hit the muscles that you always have issues with. You are able to relieve your own tight muscles and anywhere on your body.
– It’s been perfect for safely applying pain relieving pressure to the long muscles on both sides of your spine. This tool allows you to be in control (without the assistance of another person) of where and how much pressure and manipulation that you can tolerate.

Our PROCIRCLE DOUBLE PEANUT MASSAGE BALL promise high quality and 100% satisfaction.
***** What are you waiting for ?? You need a massage/mobility ball! Take yours today!! *****

– 1 x Procircle Double Peanut Massage Ball
– 1 x Workout Guide
– 1 x Free Carry Bag
– 1 x Zippered Bag

Lowest Price: £10.98
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