Proflax Wellbeing & Vitality 100% Natural Flax Oil and Herb Supplement for Dogs – Premium Herbal Pet Care to Help Immune, Digestive and Heart Functions (250ml)

  • Carefully formulated for dogs that are highly strung or anxious, need digestive support or simply to maintain their good health
  • Reduces stress and anxiety, aids digestion and helps to maintain a healthy heart and body
  • 100% Natural and Holistic! Lovingly hand made in the UK from Flax Oil containing 60% Omega 3/6/9 EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acid’s) and 7 powerful active herbal extracts including Echinacea and Astralagus
  • Visible improvements may be seen from 14 days onwards
  • Proflax Natural blends have been specially formulated to support your dog holistically, so have a balancing and cleansing effect

Proflax Natural Wellbeing & Vitality is specifically formulated to help immune, digestive and heart functions.

Offered in a ready made ‘easy to feed’ supplement which even the fussiest of dogs will love!

This special formula consists of pure cold pressed Omega 3 rich flax oil combined with active herbal extracts apportioned in their correct percentages by a qualified herbal vet.

Benefits of Wellbeing & Vitality Oil for your dog:
– Aids digestion
– Supports optimal immune function
– Reduces stress & anxiety
– Maintains a healthy nervous system
– Supports a healthy brain & heart
– Holistic

Made from pure premium flax oil and 25% herbal extracts!

Wellbeing & Vitality Oil consists of natural Flax Seed Oil and 7 powerful active herbs:
Echinacea – packed with niacin, chromium, iron, manganese, selenium & zinc
Astragalus – supports good energy and stamina, aids metabolism and promotes healing
Withania – relaxing and calming effect on the nervous system, reduces stress and increases vitality
Turmeric – rich source of vitamin C, calcium, iron, niacin, potassium & zinc. Aids digestion, maintains cardio function, cleansing
Milk Thistle – cleansing and anti-oxidant herb that provides calcium, magnesium, potassium, folate & vitamin A
Gotu Kola – packed with calcium, manganese, potassium, selenium, zinc, vitamins C & B. This power herb cleanses, aids circulation and collagen production, protects veins and blood vessels
Licorice Root – immune and adrenal support and makes the formula taste great!

Our Wellbeing & Vitality blend is suitable for all dogs and puppies over the age of 8 weeks and is also suitable for pregnant and nursing bitches. It can be safely used on a regular basis without worry. We recommend to feed for a cycle of 60 days to see optimal results. Visible improvements may be seen from 14 days onwards.

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