Relaxation Techniques for a Healthy Life: Ultimate Guide to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

REVEIW: … I NO LONGER FEEL STRESSED: Kelly Hampshire: I was feeling very low, unfocused and stressed. I bought this CD which has a variety of relaxation techniques. I have found it to be very positive with hidden depths. I no longer feel stressed or unfocused, my mind feels clear and I cope with life so much better. Some techniques I use first thing in the morning, others at the end of the day to wind down and help me sleep. I would recommend this CD to everyone, we all have a little stress in our life, this CD will make you feel great………. BRILLIANT: S. Ingram London: Personally I think this CD is brilliant. I have experienced a real boost since listening to it. What I love the most is there are different techniques to suit any time of day, also the narrator has a beautiful hypnotic voice which soothes emotions and instils calmness within. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this CD……….
PRODUCT DISCRIPTION: … Overcoming stress and anxiety is easy with the use of this versatile CD. Whether you are looking for calmness in a stressful situation or you just want to sink into your chair and experience deep relaxation where tension and stress just melt away, your needs will be met. Choose from any one of these proven simple yet powerful techniques to bring calmness into your life. Each individual track has a combination of music and/or a gentle voice guiding you gently and easily through a relaxation technique……By using any of the techniques on a regular basis you can overcome stress and anxiety thus allowing your body to naturally restore itself leading to a healthier life……Each track is accompanied by an introduction explaining the benefit of each technique, providing you with all the information you need to succeed. TRACK LISTING….. The Breath / Grounding / Awareness of self / The inner smile / The inner awareness relaxation / Visualisation. Total running time 72 minutes.

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