Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract | 3% salidroside + Aronia Berry + Vitamin B1 + Vitamin B6 | Increase Energy, Burn Fat, Enhance Mood | VEGAN by Vegavero (120 Capsules)

  • ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Rhodiola Rosea extract is from the root of the Rhodiola plant, and contains high concentrations of phenols, alkaloids, quinones and flavonoids. Vegavero Rhodiola capsules with 3% salidroside contain extra nutrition, with added aronia berry extract, vitamin B1 and vitamin B6.
  • POTENTIAL BENEFITS: Reported benefits of supplementing the diet with Rhodiola include: Enhanced athletic performance and recovery, increase mood and cognition, stomach fat-burning properties, and stress and anxiety reduction. See description for more details
  • WHY US? Our products are 100% VEGAN: Free from gelatin, gluten, lactose & GMO. No use of magnesium salts, separating agents or other additives or fillers. Certification from the Vegan Society, Pesticide and Heavy Metal Analysis available on request.
  • ABOUT VEGAVERO: We are a young, committed and family-run company from Berlin. We develop our recipes and products together with a team of doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists and our product developers. In doing so, we leave nothing to chance and control every production step.
  • QUALITY you can rely on: Vegavero products are produced in Germany per the highest of standards (GMP, ISO 9001, HACCP) with tested raw materials. We are committed to bringing our customers only the finest quality ingredients. We value our customers opinion with the highest of priority, therefore if you are not satisfied with our products, we offer a 100% hassle free money back guarantee!

Rhosiola Rosea (also known as roseroot, arctic root or golden root) is an adaptogen herb, and is native to the more colder regions of the planet, including the northen parts of Europe and Asia, and grows typically in rocky sea regions or on cliffs. It has been used for many years in traditional medicine for its variety of believed health benefits.

Benefits include:
Increase stamina and athletic performance: Rhodelia may health increase energy and stamina by boosting erythropoietin which stimulates red blood cell production. This helps oxygenate the muscles more, which can help delay fatigue, increase performance and reduce workout recovery time.
Burn stomach fat: The active compound in Rhodiola – rosavin – stimulates the enzyme lipase. This hormone has the ability to break down fat which is stored in the stomach area.
Improve Mood and Cognitive Function: Rhodiola has been found to increase sensitivity to the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin. The two neurotransmitters are related to pleasure, mood, concentration and memory.
Stress and anxiety reduction: Rhodiola may help lower cortisol levels which may help lower stress and anxiety, and balance your hormones.

Product Quality
The product is produced in Germany to the highest of standards per GMP, ISO 9001 and HACCP concept and food hygiene regulation (EU regulation EG 852/2004).

The product is 100% VEGAN and NATURAL, and free from gelatin, gluten, lactose and GMO.

The product is certified by the Vegan Society as a Vegan food supplement.

Product Information
Brand: Vegavero
Company: Vanatari International GmbH
Product: 1 x 120 capsules

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