Scentered Aromatherapy Essential Oil Balm (Rescue Remedy) – STRESS LESS – CHAMOMILE, NEROLI & MANDARIN – Perfect for Relaxation, Stress Relief, as a Sleeping Aid or Mood Enhancer.

  • 100% Natural Essential Oil Aromatherapy Balm
  • Up to 25 Essentials Oils in each Rescue Remedy balm
  • Fast & Effective Stress Relief, Mood Enhancer
  • 100% Portable and non-greasy,Fits perfectly in your handbag, pocket or washbag
  • Contains Chamomile, Neroli and Mandarin.

Scentered Stress Less is natural portable aromatherapy balm packed full of essential oils and is designed to provide fast, immediate stress relief when you are on the go. Simply apply to your pulse points and breath following the Scentered STOP, INHALE, REST Ritual to release the tensions, clear your head and restore mindfulness for the rest of your day. This RESCUE REMEDY fits effortlessly in your pocket, handbag or make up bag. Made with a mix of the finest natural ingredients and up to 25 essential oils, it it easy to apply and it’s clean and non greasy on your skin unlike standard oils. The aromatherapy properties of Chamomile, Neroli and Mandarin help to deliver an effective stress relief and an instant hit of tranquility, focus or comfort. The Scentered ritual is just as important as the therapeutic qualities of the essential oils our balms contain. Relaxation and meditation are all well and good, but many of us just don’t have time to sit still and do nothing for an hour and certainly not in the middle of the day when we’re in the thick of things. We live a hectic lifestyle where life flips between board meetings and school runs at the drop of a hat. When you’re arguing your point on the phone while navigating an online supermarket shop, there’s not a lot of space for the mindfulness and relaxation we all so desperately need. The Scentered ritual is based around trying to find a tiny moment in between the hustle and bustle of daily life. STOP and apply to pulse points, INHALE Breathe deeply, RESET Your mood and get on with your day. All Scentered mindfulness balms are made in the UK.

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