Spiky Massage Balls Stress Reflexology – 7cm – Trigger Point Massage – Myofascial Ball, Exercise Ball, Lacrosse Ball, Environmental Friendly plastic, PAH and Phthalates-GAINWELL

  • Specifically designed to release tight and uncomfortable muscles, increase blood circulation and remove toxins.
  • Roll the ball around the area of the body in need of a massage – increase the pressure you apply for a great deep tissue massage.
  • Perfect for an all over body massage, use before and after a workout and for reflexology.
  • Easy to clean and store; this lightweight ball is ideal to pop into your bag for use whilst out and about.
  • Hard plastic ball – 2016 Version – New Colour – Improved Strength

The spiky massage balls are perfect for an all over body massage. Use the balls to apply pressure to the body to relieve muscle tightness and discomforts, and to encourage the muscles to relax.

The spikes on the balls help to increase blood circulation, warm the muscles and release toxins which make them particularly beneficial for use before and after exercise and for individuals who suffer from poor circulation.

This ball can be used to stimulate the reflexology points that have been shown to have great effects on the rest of the body.

If you are using the ball to self-massage there are a variety of ways you can do it in order to target muscles all over the body. You can sit or lay on the ball, press it against the wall using your back and move side to side and up and down for a back massage, use your hand to roll the ball in a circular motion on your body, or roll the ball under the foot whilst sat down. Increase the pressure that you apply to the ball for a real deep tissue massage if required.

The spiky massage ball is very easy to clean and constructed of pliable yet robust plastic for superb comfort and effectiveness. Its lightweight, compact design means you can take them everywhere with you for a therapeutic massage whenever and wherever you need.

Size: 7cm

Material: Environmental friendly plastic – PAH and phthalates tested

Lowest Price: £5.49
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