Stop Being Controlling: How to Overcome Control Issues, Repair Your Relationships, Relieve Stress, Rebuild Your Confidence and Self-Esteem (Codependent … Fix Your Marriage, Narcissist & Narcissism)

How to Stop Being Controlling- Overcoming Perfectionism, OCD and Losing Control

Control can often be a good thing, especially when it protects your beliefs and sense of self. Oftentimes, though, taking control of your life in a manner wherein you’re hurting yourself and affecting other people can make you feel exhausted.

Also, being controlling can make your loved ones feel as though you’re leading their lives for them, and not giving them the freedom to choose their own decisions.

People need to have a sense of control in their daily lives. It’s this power to control their lives that gives people a sense of balance and harmony, but when they feel like something becomes out of their control, people experience anxiety.

Here is a list of some common reasons for the need to control others:

  • Past Emotional or Physical Abuse
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Insecurity and Low Self-Esteem
  • Selfishness and Selfish People
  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  • Codependency
  • Depression
  • Trust Issues and Jealousy
  • Perfectionists and Perfectionism
  • Demands of Being a Manager, Ceo or President of a Large Company
  • Anger Management Issues
  • Being an Overprotective Parent

Controlling people may have underlying issue such as past neglect or abuse, or a psychological problem such as Narcissistic personality disorder, Selfishness, or an indication of a low self-esteem. They may also have trust issues, trust and control are often believed to complement each other. What people fail to understand is that the more you trust someone, the lesser you feel the need to control them. The moment you see the good in other people, you’ll also learn to find reasons on why you can trust them and let them decide and do things without your help.

Stop Being Controlling: Will Teach You How To Rebuild Your Confidence & Self-Esteem

People who try to control others may be expressing underlying issues, such as; past neglect or abuse, or a psychological problem such as Narcissistic personality disorder, or an indication of jealousy, low confidence, and self-esteem.

This Book Will Teach You How To:

  • Stop micromanaging
  • See the Good in Other People
  • Learn To Trust Again
  • Be a Good Listener
  • Accept Others Flaws
  • Deal With Trust Issues and Jealousy
  • Seek Help From Family, Support Groups, or a Therapist
  • Fix Your Relationship
  • Manage Your Stress
  • Rebuild Your Relationships
  • Deal With Stress and Anxiety

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