Stress, Anxiety, Depression: What to do when your world wobbles

When you have an emotional turmoil that involves stress, depression or anxiety you crave a solution that is expedient, effective and practical. You want a direction that is free of technicalities that will provide you a platform to help turn the wobble in your life around.
You want to regain a sense of control and sanity and not hurtle into a total meltdown.
As a family physician for over twenty five years my experience is that almost everyone will face a multitude of mental challenges in their lives.
What they seek are solutions that cut to the chase, eliminate the jargon, and provide answers and advice that one can immediately institute.
Most of us do not have the luxury, or the financial means, to endure hours of counselling or self education. When you are mentally exhausted, and barely holding it together, you simply do not have the capacity to wade through an erudite exposition on social studies and psychology.
Rather, you want a book which you can go through in one or two sittings, reflect upon the message, and have an effective roadmap to help you through your predicament.
One could get tangled up in defining the niceties of psychiatric terms or accept that stress, depression and anxiety are terms that we all, in essence, instinctively understand. Almost all psychological trauma will involve various shades of stress, depression and anxiety. Each one of these shades will vary in intensity from hour to hour. Trying to sift through and ‘define’ these shades is probably necessary at some later time. Most times, however, when an emotional wobble occurs, the immediate need is to stabilise and steady the event.
This is the essence of this book. It is a concise, easy to understand, practical text that is free of ‘padding’.
It may be the starting point of a long journey of recovery. My intention is to stop that journey in its tracts and modify an emotional challenge into one that can be managed effectively, and turned around, before it escalates into a major event.

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