Stress Cube Like Fidget cube camouflage- Gadget Toy to combat stress, A Fidget, Perfect for the nervous Finger Distraction as Kickstarter – Comparable to The Original

  • fidget cube spinner handspinner prime relieve stress children and adults black green 12 sides camo

Almost everyone has already rhythmically clicked with the ballpoint pen absently absent-mindedly, thus unintentionally displacing all humans in the environment into smoldering rage. Potting foil is also quite fun. Furthermore, rumbling is supposed to increase even the concentration. In perfect complement with the Fidget Spinner of the TK Group. The modified design of the TK Stresswürfel 2.0 was adapted and improved to the needs of the customer. The new stress cube gadget is perfect for: stress Restless hands autism For distraction at work, at the desk, at school or simply for relaxing. ____ The product offered is a product of the TK Group. We distance ourselves from the original “Fidget cube Kickstarter”. This product is similar to the original. The reference to the Fidget Cube brand is merely an indication of the intended product as an accessory. “Original” refers only to the TK Group brand and does not refer to the marks merely as a reference to the determination of the offered product.

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