Suck UK Stress Ball Paul

  • Paul is always on hand for your stress-busting needs
  • Hand-held stress reliever
  • Made from soft, silicone rubber
  • Keep him on your desk or hide him in your pocket for emergencies!
  • Measures 6cm x 3.5cm x 8cm

Stress. The very word conjures-up visions of grown men crying into their JD and Coke and women running to the nearest spa for a colonic, a botox and a right royal bitchfest. How we loathe stress and go to pains to avoid it, get round it and cope with it. Stress is a little short of a modern evil; a latter-day curse intimately connected with the speed and intensity of life… not to mention the horror-show that is the 21st century workplace. It would be a grand claim to assert that with a single stressball called Paul that one could soothe-away the worries of the day. So we won’t. Instead, we will say that the ever-so-clever chaps at the colourfully-entitled Suck UK have been at it again, producing a Little Magenta Man who can be squished, squeezed and generally mangled in the name of stress reduction. And venting one’s spleen on Paul will do more for your career prospects than venting anything over, in or near poor Maureen from Accounts. (Don’t blame her, by the way, blame the system). So vent away and watch in awe as Stressball Paul returns to his original shape, bent double, head in hands, weight of the world on his tiny magenta shoulders. Stressball Paul invites us all in stark and very visual terms, to think that, my golly, if we’ve got it bad, imagine how it must feel for him. And that makes one feel better already. Spiffing.

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