Declutter your mind: Simple guide to free your mind and find the calm you seek. (Discover peace, clarity, balance and happiness in your life. Conquer stress, worry, negative thinking and anxiety.)

Ultimate guide to free your mind and find the calm you seek today!

One of the things on the rise in our society today is the demand for productivity. We are expected to do more and more in less time than ever before. To compensate for the increased demand in our productivity we tend to stretch ourselves between multiple tasks at any given time. This increases the amount of thoughts our mind has to deal with from one minute to the next. Not surprisingly, another thing on the rise in our society today is stress. Needless to say, these two things are completely related. While we cannot necessarily control the demands placed on us, we can control how we approach those demands. Reducing the workload placed on our minds is a critical factor when it comes to reducing the stress in our lives. The only way to do this effectively is to reduce and organize the amount of information that our minds have to cope with on a regular basis. Essentially, we need to declutter our minds. By decluttering our minds we can free our minds of stress and anxiety, while achieving a level of peace and calm that we all deserve. This book will present several methods for decluttering your mind, and thus, achieving a higher state of overall well being

You’re about to discover :

  • How a Cluttered Mind Affects Our Lives
  • Declutter Your Environment
  • Focus on One Thing at a Time
  • Form the Habit of Writing Things Down
  • Discover the Value of Downtime
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The Stress-Free Baby Names Book: How to Choose the Perfect Baby Name with Confidence, Clarity and Calm (Plus 3,000 Baby Names List)

Can’t make up your mind on a name for your baby?

The truth is … most expecting parents have a hard time finding the baby name that feels just right.

The solution? Don’t wait for a “gut feeling.” Take action to find the baby name that reflects your values and what is important to you.

Use our stress-free method (and baby names list of 3,000 names) to find the *perfect name * with confidence in your choice, clarity in the decision-making process, and calmness of mind.

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  • What to do when you disagree with your partner on baby names
  • How to deal with meddling and nosy family members
  • What steps to take when you just can’t make up your mind
  • How to find a unique baby name that isn’t too weird
  • What to do when a baby name you thought of first is now too popular
  • How to get honest feedback about your favorite baby names

Includes baby names list of 3,000 names. Also makes a great gift for a baby shower, gender reveal party, etc.!

Get a list of 3,000 baby names separated into baby names for girls, baby names for boys, and gender-neutral baby names.

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BONUS: Buy the paperback version of this baby names book to get worksheets to narrow down your baby names list. Get help brainstorming, finding your values, and talking to your partner about baby names.

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