Massage Pillow – Electric shiatsu massager with heat | Deep kneading electric cushion to help relax, soothe and relieve neck, shoulder and back pain | Portable stress reliever suitable for use at home, office or car, car charger included (Black)

  • Full-Body-Massage:neck & shoulder massage,waist and back massage,abdominal massage,thigh massage,arm massage,leg massage
  • Simple To Use:A key to start and Magnetic therapy
  • Safety:Security time function & Automatically shut down for 15 minutes
  • Portable:car & home massage pillow,even office and travelling can be used too
  • Two-Way Massage:Two-way massage with Kneading massage

Busy life and work for people who want to have a comfortable enviroment,in order to satisfy modern people quick rhythm life,car home furnishing Massage pillow is ready for your health to refuel.

Product technical parameter:


INPUT:AC100-240V 50/60HZ

OUTPUT:DC12V ===2000mA

Use Method:

1.Plug controller into the socket of smoke source(in car use) or plug the power adapter in the power socket

2.Dial direction switch key,massage pollow enter into massaging state

(Advise:Massaging 10-15 minutes/once)

3.Stop continuing to use,please dial the diretion switch to middle position,then plug out smoke source or power adapter

Unfit people to use this product:

If you have the following state,before use,please consult doctor

1.Curer who is receiving the cure from doctor or who is feeling bad

2.Malignancy Patient

3.Pregnant Woman or Woman in menses

4.Urgent illness Patient

Package Includes:

1x Pillow massager

1x of the 12V car power plug

1 x User manual

1x UK standard power plug

1x Europe standard power plug

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Meditation: Meditation for Beginners: How to Meditate to Relieve Stress, Anxiety & Depression & Live Peacefully *FREE BONUS ‘Letting Go’ Included! (Buddhism, … Personal Growth, Spirituality, Yoga Book 1)

Unlock the Secret to Living a Peaceful, Fulfilled and Worry-Free Life.

Do you find yourself constantly stressing about the little things?
Do you have constant fear or worry about social situations, people or even day-to-day activities?
Are you simply having a hard time calming your restless and anxious mind?

This book is your complete guide on how to live a happier more meaningful life. The key to living a calm, content and worry-free life is in your power.

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to help cope with the overwhelming pace of modern life. You only need to practice for a few minutes every day; it costs nothing and can produce tangible benefits to your emotional balance. On occasion, everyone seeks that deep inner relaxation or finds themselves just a little too stressed. Similarly, many people suffer from anxieties – work, finances, health, family, social situations and more.

Making meditation a regular practice will have a profound effect on your life, reduce your stress and anxieties and has no genuine drawbacks. Meditation is being practised all over the world, and its techniques have been refined and mastered over the centuries.

By learning any method or form of meditation, you can become more in touch with yourself and find deep relaxation. Whether the focus of a meditation is on your breath or the chakras, the goal of all meditative practices is to improve your spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Furthermore, this relaxation and improved focus meditation fosters is a natural antidote to stress, anxiety and depression.

By reading this book you will benefit and learn things such as:

  • Various Styles of Meditation
  • Which Type of Meditation Can Be Best Used to Combat Stress and Anxiety
  • How to Discover Ultimate Relaxation
  • Top Techniques to Induce Calmness and Peace of Mind
  • Practical Aspects of Meditation: Postures, Clothing, Timing, Equipment
  • 4 Easy Ways to Become Instantly Calm and Relaxed
  • Proven Strategies to help us Become More Present
  • In Depth Exploration of the Nature of Stress
  • Uncover the Secret to Eliminate Negative Emotions
  • How to Bring Your Meditation Practice to the Next Level
  • Much, much more!
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Hypnosis: Self Hypnosis – Control Your Mind, Control Your Life (Easy Guide To Eliminate Stress And Anxiety in 24 hours (Bonus Hypnosis Scripts Included)

Completely Change Your Current Life With Hypnosis

8 Bonus Hypnosis Scripts Included!

Learn powerful techniques that can start transforming your dreams and desires into a reality. You will learn the exact hypnosis techniques to unlock the magic you’ve always had and create the perfect life you always wanted.

You will not only learn to tap the hidden power inside you but also learn proven techniques that Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioners have been using for decades to achieve success in their clients

A Sneak Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • To Become a Decision Making Wizard And Never Second Guess Again
  • Completely Eliminate Stress And Anxiety And Make It A Think Of The Past
  • To Train Your Mind For Positivity
  • Learn How To Tap Into Your Creativity Genius To Manifest Anything You Desire
  • The Truth About What Self-Hypnosis Is And What It Can Do For You
  • How to Program Your Mind To Loose Weight And Keep It Off
  • How To Eliminate Negative Emotions That Are Limiting Your Life You Deserve To Live
  • Techniques To Literally Shift Your Mind, So You Can Change Your Life
  • Much, much more!

The best thing about hypnosis is that you are already using it in your everyday life. You will learn the age-old technique of hypnosis in an easy to understand manner.

With the help of this book, you can use this technique to manifest anything you desire.

8 Bonus Hypnosis Scripts Are Included To Jump Start Your Success In Minutes!

Bonus Scripts Include…

  • Ease Away From Stress/Anxiety
  • Quit Smoking In It’s Tracks
  • Beliefs of Geniuses
  • Create An Indestructible Shield From Negativity
  • Loose Weight Effortlessly
  • Pack On Muscle With Ease
  • Living In A Positive Perspective
  • Boost Confidence Through The Roof
  • When you make self-hypnosis a daily habit, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

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