Sleep: 6 Techniques to Combat Insomnia and Sleep Like a Cat

When Lisa Sutherland lost her son to drug addiction she also lost her ability to sleep like she used to. Weeks upon weeks of sleepless and restless nights almost drove her crazy. Doctors prescribed sleeping pills that would work for a few weeks before the dosage had to be upped. She quickly realized this was not a sustainable route. It wasn’t healthy.

Five years of research and all her will-power was spent when she finally had found the solution to her insomnia. It wasn’t a simple trick, but a collection of techniques that changed her life. Finally her nights were filled with delicious sleep. This book is the collection and sharing of these techniques.

You’ll discover:

  • The Dangers of Insomnia. Physically and mentally.
  • How beneficial good sleep really is.
  • Science behind sleeping patterns.
  • The 5 stages of sleep.
  • How to get your sleeping cycle back on track.
  • 6 Foods that help you sleep.
  • The 6 Zen Techniques of Combating Insomnia.
  • ++ much more!

If you’re ready to discover what Lisa Sutherland learnt during her grueling five years as she suffered from insomnia, and to sleep as soundly as the little guy on the cover of the book, then scroll back up and take a look inside the book!



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