Stress Management and Productivity: (Stress, Mental Health Books, Confidence At Work, Work Stress, Job Burnout, Career Success)

Have you ever felt that nothing registers in your mind when someone else is talking to you, or all kinds of roller coaster emotions are overwhelming you and negative thoughts are clogging your brain when you’re experiencing the ups and downs of life – career, relationships and financial stresses?

The daily demands on your job is making you lose focus on whatever tasks you handle and the nature of your relationship with your colleagues is worsening due to your deteriorating work performance.

Do not tear your hair out over the stressful situations you are being confronted with at this moment. In applying the 20 day relaxation program covered in this book, you can safely overcome the jitters of under-performing at work, gain the mindfulness relaxation techniques you need and increase your productivity in the workplace with the work productivity hacks included in it.

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12 books in 1 – Happiness, Self-Esteem, Personal Growth, Stress Management, Self-Help, Mindfulness & Meditation, Body-Mind-Spirit, Motivational & Inspirational, … How To Feel Good, How To Heal Yourself)

How To Apply The Teachings Of Buddhism In The 21st Century
How To Control Your Emotions
How To Create More Positivity
How To Feel Absolutely Great About Yourself
How To Have More Courage
How To Heal A Broken Heart
How To Live In The Moment
How to Love Yourself 100%
How To Open Your Spiritual Chakras
How To Overcome Any Fear
How To Simplify Your Life
How To Stop Being Insecure

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Stress: Ultimate Guide To Overcoming Stress (stress management, stress, ebooks, online books, buy ebooks, ebooks online, cheap books,)

Learn How To Over Come Your Stress With My Simple Techniques!

We have all been stressed at one point; it could be due to family problems, financial problems, school work, work problems or health problems. While all of us are stressed at one point, what makes the difference is our ability to manage stress.
For most of us, we think that managing stress is beyond our control and don’t attempt to do anything about it and just live in pain. This only leads to pain, sorrow, sicknesses, and living an unfulfilling life. I come with good news that you can actually manage stress. However, the process takes time and demands you to be patient. This is exactly where this e-book will come in handy.
This e-book is your ultimate guide to overcoming stress for good. It teaches you stress management and the steps and techniques you need to take for gradually eliminating stress from your life and living a happy life.

You Will Learn In This Book

  • Identifying the stress triggers
  • Letting go of things not in your control
  • Being Physically Active
  • Embrace A Healthy Lifestyle
  • Do the Things You Enjoy and Have Fun
  • Plus much more…
  • Take action now and Download This Kindle Book

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