Massage Pillow – Electric shiatsu massager with heat | Deep kneading electric cushion to help relax, soothe and relieve neck, shoulder and back pain | Portable stress reliever suitable for use at home, office or car, car charger included (Black)

  • Full-Body-Massage:neck & shoulder massage,waist and back massage,abdominal massage,thigh massage,arm massage,leg massage
  • Simple To Use:A key to start and Magnetic therapy
  • Safety:Security time function & Automatically shut down for 15 minutes
  • Portable:car & home massage pillow,even office and travelling can be used too
  • Two-Way Massage:Two-way massage with Kneading massage

Busy life and work for people who want to have a comfortable enviroment,in order to satisfy modern people quick rhythm life,car home furnishing Massage pillow is ready for your health to refuel.

Product technical parameter:


INPUT:AC100-240V 50/60HZ

OUTPUT:DC12V ===2000mA

Use Method:

1.Plug controller into the socket of smoke source(in car use) or plug the power adapter in the power socket

2.Dial direction switch key,massage pollow enter into massaging state

(Advise:Massaging 10-15 minutes/once)

3.Stop continuing to use,please dial the diretion switch to middle position,then plug out smoke source or power adapter

Unfit people to use this product:

If you have the following state,before use,please consult doctor

1.Curer who is receiving the cure from doctor or who is feeling bad

2.Malignancy Patient

3.Pregnant Woman or Woman in menses

4.Urgent illness Patient

Package Includes:

1x Pillow massager

1x of the 12V car power plug

1 x User manual

1x UK standard power plug

1x Europe standard power plug

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nicedaily Wooden Rolling sticks Amazing Desk Flip Toy Portable Fidget Roller Stress and Anxiety Reducer Toy for Children and Adults Office Home Party

  • The Fidget Stick made from high quality beech wood, which is more durable than ordinary wood. Surface paint and silicone pad of ends make it touch comfortable and look very pretty.
  • Great for relieving stress, anxiety and fidget. This is a simple skill-based fidget toy for table top play to spend time at Home or Office .A good choice for ADHD suffers and desk toys lovers.
  • There are various methods to play with little sticks, more diverting than conventional toys, Flip, roll and hold. Develop your creativity to invent the funniest method.
  • Suitable for Everyone: as long as a few minutes a day can effectively help you improve your focus and hand-eye coordination
  • Simple Design and Unlimited Possibilities: It can be able to effectively test and exercise your creativity and dexterity. The desk toy that’s easy to flip, roll and do tricks with, giving you endless possibilities of fun

Use your hands to balance and flip it left to right or up and down.
•FLIP: Use one finger to flip it from left to right
•SQUARE: Flip it at four points to draw a square
•TRIANGLE: Flip it at three points to draw a triangle.
After you’re familiar with the basics,try practicing advanced skills by creating more shapes and moves.
•FLIP andamp; HOLD: Use one finger to flip it from left to right.Catch and hold it on your hand after you flip it
•FLIP andamp; KISS: Use one to flip another one from left to right or up and down
BIG SQUARE: Use two to creat squares with both hands
Once you’ve mastered the Basic and Advanced levels,try these expert moves,compete with your friends or invent new moves!
•AIR TRAPEZE: Use one finger to flip it from left to right.Catch and hold it on your hand after you flip it.Turn it 360 degrees and make it stand up straight
•TWIN: Use two and move them in tandem with one hand
•FIVE MOVES: Use five and move them in tandem with one hand.Balancing each is an exceptionally difficult challenge!
Once you and your friends are familiar with the basics of it,work together to play and create group movements. •VERSUS: On a large table,flip the toy back and forth between one another
•MARATHON: With three or more friends,keep flipping the toy down the table continuously.

Package include: 1×Release Massage Rolling Stick

Lowest Price: £3.59
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