Positive Thinking: The scientific and practical guide to change your thinking and change your life: Discover the Power of Positive Thinking and Remove … for Good (Life Psychology Series Book 4)

Positive thinking

The scientific and practical guide to change your thinking and change your life

Part of the Life Psychology Series, books written by Psychologists who have practical experience, bringing together the latest thinking and practice in a simple and easy to read format aimed at people who need a simple but effective guide for addressing their problems and improving their life.

  • Finding it hard to overcome the inevitable setbacks that life throws at you?
  • Going through a difficult set of personal challenges or changes in your life?
  • Starting a new job and feeling nervous and anxious?
  • Feeling miserable and unmotivated in life?
  • There has been a huge amount written about positive thinking and how by changing your thoughts you can change your life, following extensive research by leading psychologists in the new field of positive psychology it has been shown that this is indeed the case. Just by changing how you think, you can change your life. By changing how we think we then change how we feel as our feelings follow on from our thoughts, it is these renewed feelings of hope, confidence and motivation that then change our lives as we can then make the changes we want in our lives and discover our own true potential that lies within us.

    But the ability to think positively and keep an optimistic outlook in the face of adversity is not something that always comes naturally. Perhaps you are someone that would like to be more optimistic but find that you struggle with negative thoughts and behaviour, or that you are generally a positive person that is finding a certain life event a real challenge to get over.

    This book aims to help you understand the power of your thoughts, and to learn how to influence them through many easy-to-learn techniques. We also consider how the mind and body are connected and that we should take a comprehensive approach to keep a positive and healthy mind.

    What others say about Positive Thinking

  • “I was going through a difficult time in my life, changes of both a personal and professional nature at the same time and felt pretty overwhelmed, I actually found this book really useful and grounded in some proper techniques in how to change my perspective, feeling much better now, in control and the techniques helped me feel stronger about what I had to do.”
  • “I spent a large part of my life in the misery of pessimism, always worrying, feeling stressed, and expecting the worst so I was ready for it, by changing how I think it has liberated me and I wish I had done this years ago, but in the spirit of my new freedom better late than never! ☺ ”
  • “Positive thinking has been a bit of a buzzword and I was sceptical, but this book and advice is more than just the usual think positive clichés, it has some solid ideas and techniques to help change thinking and not just the fluffy think positive thoughts advice”
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