Psychology: Social Psychology: 69 Psychology Techniques to Influence and Control People with Communication Tricks, NLP, Hypnosis and more… (Psychology, … NLP, Social Anxiety, Cognitive Psychology)

Learn How to Influence the People in Your Life and Get What You Really Want!

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Do you have trouble getting others to agree with you? Is it hard to get people to do what you want? Are you always the follower, and not the leader?

If that’s the case, Social Psychology: 69 Powerful Ways To Influence And Control People With Communication Tricks, NLP, Hypnosis And More is the book for you!

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This book is a collection of the most powerful techniques ever developed to influence and control the way people act and feel. All laid out in straight-forward language and easy-to-follow steps. It will teach you many practical, applicable strategies for engaging people and getting them do what you want. You will understand the science of persuasion, the 6 key principles of influencing others, billionaire Charlie Munger’s 10 expansion principles on these. How to feel and act with 100% conviction and self belief – as a true leader. You’ll learn the 29 most powerful lessons in day-to-day human influence. Also, how to master communication with applicable techniques from NLP and even hypnosis! Tricks and techniques that will help you in all areas of your social life.

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Stop letting people lead you to places you don’t want to go. Start asserting yourself, take charge of your life, and become the leader you were born to be.

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Rejection Reset: A Strategic Program for Restoring Social Confidence, Reshaping Your Inferior Mindset, and Thriving In a Shame-Free Lifestyle

Struggling with the fear of social rejection and can’t stop thinking you are somehow different? Do you feel you have nothing to contribute to a conversation, so you keep quiet around people? Are negative beliefs killing your self-esteem?

Social rejection is one of the biggest self-defeating behaviors that affect millions of people. In their daily lives, most people are not aware they are making choices and taking negative actions that are detrimental to their social life.

You can stop being afraid today.

Rejection Reset is a program full of easy-to-implement steps you can put into action right away and see real results. You will learn to identify the triggers and behaviors that perpetuate the cycle of defeat, understand why you feel inferior, and what you can do get over this and start living a more fulfilling life.

Your fear of rejection can be cured.

It is time to put an end to the excuses keeping you stuck in a bad situation. Those excuses become the lies that bury the truth and keep you trapped. If this is you, I say it is time to do something about this. You can change the way things are. You can start right now to break free.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn…!

  • Crush your self-defeating inferior mindset

  • Break your fear of social anxiety

  • Remove the barriers of a negative mindset focused on fear — integrate a new mindset full of positive energy.

  • Create massive change to your life in just ten minutes a day with simple-to-use actionable steps

  • Utilize my 20-habit strategy to create positive routines to add more vitality and re-energize your life

  • Reverse disempowering beliefs

Scott Allan is a bestselling author and life transformation expert who empowers people to pursue a freedom-rich lifestyle. He is someone who has dedicated his research and mission to helping people overcome their fears and break free of the obstacles keeping them stuck.

Life is short. You don’t want to waste any more of it suffering with the pain of living a dysfunctional lifestyle. This book is going to move you from that place of pain to a life you can fully enjoy.

Rejection Reset also teaches you to:

  • Take immediate action against the fear of rejection so you can feel great about yourself again.

  • Get over your pain points of jealousy, inferiority, and inadequacy.

  • Stop trying to measure up to other people and just be who yourself.

  • Build healthy social relationships with people and get confident with yourself in social settings.

  • Learn the 6-step process for creating lasting change and break the negative cycle of rejection.

  • Implement the twelve-habit strategy and build daily rituals to prevent you from slipping back into a lifeless rut.

Don’t put your life on hold anymore; it is time to make a serious shift in the way you think, feel, and act.

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Anxiety: How To Overcome Anxiety & Break Free From A Life Of Panic (Overcoming Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Panic, Depression, Social Anxiety, Anxiety Relief.)

Are you sick of being anxious and constantly having panic attacks? Do you want to finally banish the inner demons within you? Well in this book you will!

Overcome Anxiety & Break Free From A Life Of Panic is a self-help book designed and written by Nick to help you understand more about your anxiety. Nick had severe agoraphobia, social anxiety and depression for over 7 years, now he’s living a life free from panic attacks, stress, anger, depression and worry.

If you pick up this book, in a matter of hours you will learn everything Nick used and learnt to battle his fears and finally overcome a life full of panic and anxiety.

Inside of this book you will find techniques and strategies that wasn’t learnt overnight, but instead tried and tested through years of worry and torment. You now have the opportunity to learn everything in the space of a couple of hours!

Some of the things you will discover and be able to apply straight away are:

  • What Is Anxiety?
  • Identifying Your Anxiety.
  • Ways to manage stress and anxiety triggers.
  • How to build confidence and self-esteem.
  • How to deal with panic attacks
  • How to finally recondition your way of thinking to crush anxiety!

If you are sick of anxiety and want to crush it forever, then what are you waiting for? Buy this book and change your life forever!

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