MindCare PROTECT Stay Sharp, Brain & Memory Support Supplement – 660mg Omega-3 EPA & DHA Wild Fish Oil, N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, Resveratrol & Multivitamins, age 45+, 60 capsules

  • AGE-PROTECTING BENEFITS: nutrients protect the brain against oxidative stress & safeguard optimal brain function
  • DUAL CAPSULE FORMULA: super strength omega-3 fish oil with multivitamins, minerals & amino acids
  • SUPER CONCENTRATED, HIGH DOSE ACTIVE OMEGA-3 provides 660 mg of EPA & DHA omega-3
  • ULTRA PURE FISH OIL from wild sustainable anchovies, certified free from heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins
  • HIGH-ABSORPTION INGREDIENTS: body-ready B-vitamins & fast-acting rTG omega-3 for rapid benefits

The brain requires certain nutrients, along with a good diet and active lifestyle, to stay healthy as we age. MindCare PROTECT brings you an advanced blend of bioactive nutrients that will help you maintain a sharp mind and good memory, so you can keep your brain active and get the most out of life . MindCare PROTECT is a comprehensive formula that provides the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA to aid brain function, in a specific ratio to support both brain structure and optimise cognitive function. Omega-3 capsules provide the recommended daily intake of 250 mg DHA for maintaining normal brain function, with an additional 410 mg EPA in each capsule for extra support with neurotransmitter function (the chemical messengers that facilitate cell to cell communication in the brain). The omega-3 wild fish oil in MindCare supplements is ultra high purity, sourced from deep-sea anchovies – these short-lived small fish are very low in the food chain and produce a very pure oil. MindCare PROTECT provides targeted support for healthy ageing with a bespoke fast-acting micronutrients capsule providing nutrients that work in synergy with omega-3 fatty acids to keep your brain active. N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, alpha-lipoic acid and resveratrol are combined with essential vitamins and minerals including B complex, vitamin D3, folate and zinc. Together, these active ingredients help protect memory, provide protection against oxidative stress associated with mental decline, and support energy production within brain cells – essential to help with mental clarity and maintain mental performance, energy and concentration. Each box contains 60 (30 + 30) capsules, providing a 1-month supply at a daily dosage of 2 capsules.

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Depression: Simple Ways To Overcome Depression And Stay Stress Free (Overcome Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Mood Disorder, Cure)

Overcome Depression And Stay Stress Free!!

At some point in our lives, we may feel sad or depressed for a number of different reasons. For example, if we have an unexpected tragedy within our family, we might experience a feeling of sadness or depression. However, when we have feelings of great sadness, despondency or dejection, which last for a considerable length of time, which clearly prohibits us from doing what we normally do, then the problem may be quite serious.
It is the intention of this book to help you understand how to deal with the difficulty of depression and ultimately succeed in defeating it. In this book, you will learn how to combat depression by following a number of strategies like paying special attention to your diet through the foods that we eat, as well as physical exercise (the healthier the body, the healthier the mind). We will also learn how to use herbs and aromatherapy to cure depression. When you combine this with challenging negative thinking, fighting depression, stress and anxiety will be a lot easier for you.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn

  • Cultivate Supportive Relationships
  • How To Build A Support Network
  • How your food plan should look like
  • Essential Oils For Depression And Anxiety

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