Positive Thinking: Overcome Negativity & Become A Happier, More Positive Person (Positivity, Positive Thinking, Optimism, Positive Thoughts, Positive Psychology, Stop Negative Thinking & Negativity)

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Do you tend to struggle with negativity or feel less positive than you would like to?

Are you generally a positive person but you’d like to take your positivity to the next level in order to feel happier & achieve more in you life?

Would you like to know the EXACT steps and simple techniques that you can use to become someone who thinks, speaks and behaves more positively?

If so, this book will provide you with the answers you’ve been looking for!

Research shows that our outlook on life has a massive impact on not only our happiness, but also our personal and professional success, our health, our relationships and even our life expectancy! Negativity on the other hand is toxic and is the cause of so much pain, worry, wasted time and missed opportunity in so many peoples lives.

While positive thinking is sometimes wrongly portrayed as something mystical or esoteric, the truth of the matter is, positivity is a simple habit which we are all able to form. Whats more, the benefits of becoming a positive thinker are almost endless, and include:

  • A brighter, more optimistic attitude toward life
  • A “can do” attitude which can lead to increased success both personally and professionally
  • Improved cognitive functioning
  • Increased energy and a stronger immune system
  • Reduced levels of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Improved physical and mental health, including slower aging

The ideas shared in this book are laid out clearly and simply. You’ll see how making fairly simple changes in your daily routines can have a massive impact on your life in a relatively short period of time. In this book we’ll cover:

  • The traits that positive thinkers share and how you can begin to build them in your own life
  • Negative thinking – Why do we do it, what are it’s effects and how can we stop doing it?
  • Simple and effective steps that we can take which will train our brains to think more positively
  • The difference between positivity and fooling yourself – When positive thinking is actually negative and how to avoid mistaking one for the other
  • How to increase positivity in family situations
  • How to be more positive at work
  • How to remain positive when life gets tough
  • How to set your life up so that you remain positive in the long term
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Thoughts Become Things: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World

Jo Banks, a Transformational Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and CBT Therapist, has more than 20 years experience as a Senior HR Professional, establishing her own Coaching and Consultancy Practice, What Next Consultancy (UK) Ltd in 2009. She is passionate about helping individuals and organisations to reach their full potential, through her proven and innovative coaching style.

Through coaching approximately 1500, Jo has found her own unique style focusing on behavioural change and fundamentally changing clients’ thought patterns to achieve tangible results, super charging their performance and elevating their career or business to the next level.

In her first book, Jo shares her most effective and easy to use tools and techniques from her toolkit, explaining them in simple uncomplicated terms. This book is designed specifically for anyone wanting to improve their life and make some significant positive changes. It focuses on changing thoughts and behaviours that have been holding you back and stopping you from achieving the life that you deserve.

This book will be particularly helpful for people who are constant worriers, have negative thinking patterns, consider themselves to be unlucky, tend to self sabotage, have limiting self beliefs, are self critical, suffer from anxiety/stress or anyone who wants to make a difference to the way they think and feel. What you will learn:

• How to recognise and change unhelpful thinking patterns
• How to change your negative thoughts and behaviours
• How to silence your inner critic • How to stop self-sabotage
• How to control worrying thoughts
• How to rid yourself of limiting self-beliefs
• How to manage stress and anxiety effectively
• How to BE HAPPY NOW!

It is packed full of advice and exercises deigned to be easy to use, whilst being effective. Everything she has included has been tried and tested numerous times with her clients and has proved to deliver amazing results. THIS STUFF WORKS!

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Anxiety Management How To Manage Anxiety Thoughts To Overcome Social Anxiety Worry Avoidance And Improve Your Self Confidence

If you are suffering from anxiety or know someone who does, you would know how difficult it is to cope with the situation there and then. Moreover, anxiety has both short-term as well as long-term effects on an individual. Fortunately, there is nothing abnormal about being anxious. The wrong lies in how anxious you are and on what situation. So, don’t believe anyone who says anxiety is abnormal or a disorder of any sort.
Although, it is not easy, anxiety management is certainly possible. All you need is some good advice and a guide who is ready to motivate you and stand beside you through the thick and thin. You are going to face ups and downs and there may be times when you will lose the willingness to even try fighting anxiety. However tough it may seem, the secret to success is to keep trying.
If you are ready to take a few steps forward in your journey to overcome anxious thoughts, worries, anxiety avoidance and manage the physical symptoms that anxiety causes, this book shall be our best guide to lighten up your way and show you the path to self-discovery and reduce your vulnerability to falling prey to anxiety.

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