Natures Aid SleepEezy 150mg (Equivalent 750mg – 900mg of Valerian root) – Pack of 60 Tablets

  • Traditionally used for Sleep relief
  • Valerian root extract 150mg
  • Provides equivalent to 750mg – 900mg of Valerian root
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Made in the UK

SleepEezy is a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the temporary relief of sleep disturbances due to symptoms of mild anxiety based on traditional use only.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

60 tablets per pack.

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Dorwest Herbs Scullcap and Valerian Tablets for Dogs and Cats 100 Tablets

  • Licensed herbal medecine for cats and dogs
  • Relieves anxiety and nervousness
  • Helps with excitability and travel sickness
  • Ultimate herbal combination
  • Calms pets with sound phobias

Dorwest Scullcap and Valerian is a licensed herbal medicine for the symptomatic relief of anxiety, nervousness, excitability and travel sickness, and an adjunct in the treatment of epilepsy in dogs and cats. The ultimate herbal combination in a sugar-coated tablet, invaluable to calm and relax dogs and cats suffering from excitability, apprehension, phobias or hyperactivity. Widely used and particularly effective for those suffering from noise phobias as a result of fireworks, thunderstorms or gunfire. Scullcap and Valerian does not cause drowsiness or impair normal behaviour or performance, making it suitable for those who just need to be settled for showing, travelling, training or obedience work. Given before a journey this tablet will calm nervous travellers but is also ideal if new surroundings and situations cause apprehension or anxiety, making it a useful training aid for young dogs being introduced to the show ring as well as thunderstorms, fireworks, visits to the vet etc. In cats, it is also effective in the control of territorial spraying by keeping the cat relaxed and so reducing the urge to mark territory. This is more often a problem in neutered males but is a behaviour that can also be found in dominant females also. Under veterinary supervision Scullcap & Valerian tablets are used in the control of epilepsy, often in conjunction with orthodox anti-convulsant drugs. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating females. Active Ingredients: Powdered Extract Valerian 5:1 50mg, Powdered Extract Mistletoe 3:1 50mg, Powdered Scullcap 30mg, Powdered Extract Gentian 2:1 24mg.

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SimplySupplements Valerian Complex|Fights Anxiety, Stress, Sleep Problems|120 Tablets

  • Standardised extracts to guarantee potency
  • Believed to reduce anxiety
  • Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Approved for complete quality assurance of the highest standard of manufacturing.

Valerian is a perennial plant native to Europe and North America. The roots of the plant are believed to hold compounds including Valepotriates and Valeric Acid. Simply Supplements unique Valerian Complex is a winning combination of natural supplements within a convenient daily tablet.

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