Teto’s Steel Flipping Fidget Toy. Relieve and reduce your stress, anxiety, exams and boredom at home or office. Also Helps ADD, ADHD, and Autism. (blue)

  • ❃ PERFECT TOY FOR LOWER YOUR STRESS AND ANXIETY – Keep your fingers busy. The fidget toy is the ideal solution for Stress, Boredom, Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Nail Picking, Smoking, Exams and just staying focused. Suitable for both adults and kids. Great cool gift!
  • ❃ EASY TO USE AND ENJOYABLE – The rings can be flipped around each other in a smooth and relaxing motion. Perfect for quiet and discrete fidgeting at School, Work, Meetings, Libraries, Trains, without annoying other people. Ergonomic design allows for ultimate comfort and long-term usage.
  • ❃ SMOOTH ROLLING AND TWISTING MOVEMENT – Silicone rubber rings provide additional texture and grip. It is simple but very effective.
  • ❃ DURABLE AND LONG LASTING – These fidget toys are manufactured using best quality materials and tested for resistance. Rust resistant rings and chain parts that will never break. It is smart and lightweight for you to take on the go.
  • ❃ CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- Proven service, zero risk. If you are not happy, return your item no questions asked!

Ultimate fidget toy: Fidget toy from Teto is the new ultimate fidget gadget! This fidget toy will keep your fingers busy and allow your mind to focus on what’s really important.

Great benefits: The endless loop will help relieve your stress, anxiety, and boredom. Fidget toys are proven to help sufferers of ADHD, autism, anxiety and restless hand syndrome!

Quality materials: The Teto chain fidget toy is a handcrafted heavy-duty fidget. You really wont find a better quality fidget toy!

Anywhere anytime: Quiet, small and easy to use. If you feel like you always need something to keep your hands busy, you’ll need one of these! Just throw it in your pocket and take it everywhere you go. Great gift for a colleague or friend!

Lowest Price: £7.95
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