Thorsons First Directions – Indian Head Massage

Head massage is a familiar part of life in India and Narendra Mehta, blind from infancy, grew up experiencing the benefits of this tradition. An osteopath and massage therapist, he developed a unique system of massage he calls “champissage” (from the Indian word “champi” meaning head massage) and has founded and runs the London Centre of Indian Champissage. In this attractive, hardback book Mehta introduces the reader to the method with easy-to-follow instructions accompanied by both photographs and diagrams. The anatomical drawings are also clear and user-friendly.

As well as covering the history and development of the art of Indian head massage, there are chapters on managing stress, massage techniques, partners and lovers, caring for the hair and self-massage, ensuring readers are equipped to make the most of their new skill.

The text is interspersed with quotations from articles about Mehta’s work and philosophical quotes from famous people. These combine with the decorative details to give a book with a special luxurious feel, making it an ideal gift. Anyone presented with this beautiful book is bound to be delighted and inspired. Give it to your nearest and dearest and hope they practice on you! It is certain that there will be many grateful readers wishing to say a heartfelt thank you to Narendra Mehta for bringing this wonderful therapy to the West. —Dale Evans

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