Yoga: Beginners Guide To Yoga For Life Changing Benefits in Health, Weight Loss, and Stress Relief (Beginners Yoga, Poses, Mindfulness, Stress Free,)

Why You Need Yoga In Your Life

You may have entertained the thought of doing yoga before. However, your follow up thoughts may have been, “Why Yoga? Can’t I just exercise to stay fit and not have to do yoga?” Perhaps, what you did was brush it off as being overrated, too religious or a preserve of the Zen practitioners of the East. The truth is that all such assumptions are way off the mark.
The practice of yoga has been around for 5000 years (and for decades in the US). While a sizable number of people understand that yoga is a practice that can (and does indeed) help all people, too many people are ignorant of this. Mention yoga in a random group of people and you will hear Zen or religion being referenced by at least one or two people. Yoga is not a preserve for practitioners of Zen or the Hindus; all it takes to be a yogi is to want to be one.
The benefits associated with yoga are many and the amazing thing is that they amplify with time, much in the same way wine improves with age. Yoga stimulates your brain to grow, allows for greater coordination of mind and physical body and improves your health in ways few other practices can. And all it takes is to want to be a yogi first, and then follow through with dedication and seriousness.
This book will give you a better understanding of yoga, address some misconceptions about the practice, some benefits you can enjoy by practicing yoga and much more.

What You Will Learn…

  • A brief history of Yoga
  • The health benefits of yoga on all aspects of your life
  • 10 step-by-step poses to begin your journey as a yogi!

I Hope You All Enjoy! <3

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