You Can Cure Your Depression

Do you or someone you love suffer from Depression? In “You Can Cure Your Depression” you will learn the simple, effective steps that you can take to improve your depression RIGHT NOW! When you are done with this book you will know:

-What nutritional supplements you can take to improve your brain chemistry naturally.
-The physical and mental activities that can lift your mood immediately.
-You’ll see exactly how you can put your body into action to “re-wire” your brain to be positive naturally.
-Learn habit patterns that ensure that you will break the cycle of depression that plagues you.
-How your thoughts can be your biggest ally or a fearsome enemy, and the specific things you can do to improve your thoughts and as a result your depression.
-What foods that many Americans eat every day actually tear down your brain cells’ ability to be normal and tear down your ability to be happy.
-How the way you move your body directly affects how you feel and action steps you can take to improve it, now!

When you read this book and apply the principles in it, you will see dramatic and long lasting results your Depression, Anxiety and a variety of other health problems. These are methods that anyone can use and they have helped many others already. So say “Goodbye” to your depression and read on.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter regarding the extensive care I received from Dr. Masters and his wonderful staff. I am a housewife and am 29 years old. I had my second child in May of 2005 and had tremendous bleeding for an extended period of time; I also had depression, anxiety, and anemia. I lost a considerable amount of weight, and had become a person I felt I no longer recognized. I went to every specialist, M.D., psychiatrist, psychologist, internal medicine doctors, and counselors, with no results of a diagnosis. I was at the end of my rope with no answers and no one to help me; only narcotics and psychiatric drugs which were unnecessary and of no help what so ever. When I cam to Dr. Masters with in the first visit he looked me in the eye and told me with much conviction that he knew he was going to help me without the use of drugs. I now know that I was deeply suffering from “Postpartum Psychosis.”

With his many therapies and emotional tools, dietary changes, we together as a team, worked for approximately two months and I feel stronger than even before my illness. I would recommend to any woman or person suffering from depression or anxiety to be treated by Dr. Masters. With all that I have I know he helped my family, my friends, loved ones recover and I am now using the techniques often and am in control of my emotions. I know from experience ther is not a more educated staff or a more capable, well rounded, caring doctor to treat this condition.

Depression Sufferer

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